How to Distinguish Vertical Lathes from Horizontal Lathes?

CNC lathes are often designed to take advantage of modern versions of carbide tools and processes, primarily machine tools that remove excess material. Parts can be designed for customization and the machine tool path is usually programmed using CAD or CAM processes. CNC lathes can be divided into two main types, vertical and horizontal.

CNC Horizontal Lathe

The CNC horizontal lathe mainly uses a turning tool to turn the rotating workpiece into a machine tool. On the lathe, drills, reamers, tap, die and knurling tools can also be used for machining. Horizontal lathes usually occupy a large amount of space and area, so they are suitable for small or medium-sized work pieces.

The following points are its characteristics:

1. The bed and oil pan of the lathe adopts the integral casting structure, which has high rigidity and good shock resistance, and is in line with the characteristics of high-speed cutting machine tools.

2. The bed head box adopts three support structures, and the three supports are tapered roller bearings. The spindle is easy to adjust, the rotation precision is high, and the precision retention is good.

3. The machine tool machine is equipped with a four-station automatic feed mechanical stop device. The longitudinal position of the workpiece can be set by adjusting the longitudinal position of the cam on the stop bar to realize the longitudinal dimensioning of the part.

4. The design of the lathe lubrication system is reasonable and reliable. The front box, the feed box and the slide box are all splashed and lubricated in the body, and the line pump and plunger pumps are added to automatically forcibly lubricate the special parts.

CNC Vertical Lathe

CNC vertical lathe is suitable for processing medium and small discs and cover parts. High-strength cast iron base and column for good stability and shock resistance. The vertical structure is convenient for clamping work pieces and has a small footprint. The oil-water separation structure is adopted to make the cooling water clean and environmentally friendly, it separates cooling water tank for easy cleaning. Precision, high-rigidity cartridge-type spindle structure is designed easy for maintenance.

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