Horizontal Floor Type Lathe

In the development of this model, we worked with Siemens to integrate German structural design into our horizontal floor type lathe. Using the optimization of electromechanical systems, machine analysis and simulation, and FEM (Finite Element Method), we achieved the high precision and best performance of the HBM and HFB model. Thanks to German controlled parameter technology and advanced analytical technology, our Horizontal Floor Type Lathe is efficient and accurate. In addition, we continue to enhance our boring and milling machines to achieve the best cost effectiveness.

Horizontal Floor Type Milling Machine

HBM Series

The horizontal milling machine HBM series is exquisite in design and exquisite in technology. There are two main models: the HBM 110 and the HBM 130 models, which have a pupil diameter of 110 mm and 130 mm, respectively. In both modes, there are basically four seed models for buyers to choose based on processing needs.

HBM Series Options:
Product Picture of Horizontal Floor Type Lathe HBM110 Series

Horizontal Floor Type Boring Machine

HFB Series

The horizontal boring machine HFB series is equipped with cutting-edge technology. There are two main types of this model: the HFB 150 and HFB 180 models, and the machine has a bore diameter of 150mm. In these two models, there are many other auxiliary variables, such as fixed workbench, rotary table and other accessories for the purchaser to choose.

HFB Series Options:
Product Picture of Horizontal Floor Type Lathe HFB150 Series