CNC Horizontal Lathe

CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine

You Ji’s CNC horizontal lathe machines are designed to bring customers with rigid machine structure that reduces unwanted vibrations.Our horizontal lathes products possess very high rigidity, efficiency, and accuracy These are the right machines for modern industry, delivering broaden machining aspects to the industry.

YH Series

The YH series adopts rigid mechanical structure design and has better processing performance. It is equipped with a variety of modern features and is best suited to the manufacturer's processing requirements. This machine is compatible with the C-axis index table. The maximum turning length of the YH series ranges from 120 to 4000. The sliding surface of the machine is hand-scraped with high precision and the high-performance Fanuc controller makes it easy to program. In addition, the machine is equipped with a high rigidity and programmable precision tail, which even makes the operation smoother than traditional similar products. This machine takes up less space and reduces space. It can be integrated into an automated production line because the machine is fully programmable and easy to operate.

With the YH model, field workers can use advanced tools to assist in better processing. The YH series is capable of handling different types of tasks to meet a wide range of machining requirements. Users of the YH series not only have superior technical competitiveness, but also make full use of their production lines. Youji's machines are equipped with a number of cutting-edge technologies that enable intelligent manufacturing for people who are pursuing intelligent production concepts.

YH Series Options:
Product Picture of Horizontal Lathe YH15 Series
Product Picture of Horizontal Lathe YH21 Series
Product Picture of Horizontal Lathe YH36 Series
Product Picture of Horizontal Lathe YH50 Series

YB Series

The YB series uses an innovative mechanical design to provide a better machining experience.

Product Picture of Horizontal Lathe YB55 Series

The sliding surface of the machine is hand-scraped with exceptional precision. Its high-performance Fanuc controller is equipped with high rigidity and a powerful precision spindle. It is fitted with a variety of modern features to meet the manufacturer's requirements.

YB Series Options: YB55 Series . YB63 Series

CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Youji's horizontal machining center is designed and developed with high-tech and customized systems. Users can choose B-axis indexing table or B-axis indexing table plus automatic tray system to obtain advanced processing speed.

HMC Series

The HMC's box-in-box design ensures high-quality machining performance for heavy-duty cutting tasks, as the box-in-box design increases the heavy-cutting capability by 15%. Youji's always develops with the goal of providing the most cost-effective machining centers for customers around the world.

Product Picture of Horizontal Lathe HMC Series

In the various mechanical variable selections described above, the user can select the appropriate one for his manufacturing model as the best choice.

HMC Series Options: HMC Series

YM Series

With the best research and development capabilities, You-Ji has developed the YM series for flexible machining tasks. The YM series is designed with Japanese technology in mind. It's of high precision, stability, high efficiency, and at a reasonable price.

Product Picture of Horizontal Lathe YM40 Series

The YM series is compatible with a wide range of high-efficiency accessories. The YM series is suitable for wet and dry machining with a small footprint.

YM Series Options: YM40 Series